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Visual Field Examination 

As well as testing your visual acuity it is important to examine your peripheral vision. Defects in your visual field can be a sign of certain diseases, especially glaucoma, and regular screening can aid the early detection of these conditions. The instrument we use is the Humphrey Field Analyser which is the Gold Standard machine used in all hospital eye departments.

Retinal Imaging

We have a digital camera that allows us to take a picture of the back of the eye (the retina). This allows us to store the images and then compare a patient's most recent pictures with previous ones. This makes it possible to monitor for changes.

Computerised Test Charts

Instead of using a conventional test chart, which has fixed panels in front of a light source, we use a computer screen to display the different targets. This system allows greater variability of targets and a wider range of tests. This means that we can assess your ocular performance more thoroughly and make a more complete diagnosis.

Camera For Anterior Eye Examination

We have a camera attached to one of the slit lamps (a device that allows us to look at the anterior structures of the eye). This means that, as with the retinal imaging equipment, we monitor patient's conditions and compare current and previous pictures.



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