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Most consulations are by appointment, and we endeavour to arrange appointments at your convenience

Our comprehensive examination may include:

  • A discussion of your history & any symptoms, including relevant general health and family history issues.
  • Determination of your spectacle prescription and visual acuities.
  • Assessment of your binocular vision.
  • Examination of the exterior of the eyes & adjacent structures.
  • Examination of the interior of the eyes through your pupils.
  • Visual field screening.
  • Measurement of the pressure in the eyes.
  • Maintenance of records of your examination.
  • Issue a prescription or statement confirming the outcome of your examination.
  • Verbal advice.
  • Referral letter written to your GP if required.

You may be eligible for a free sight test under the NHS. Details can be found on our NHS Guidelines page.

If you are attending for a contact lens after-care appointment your consultation will also include the following procedures.

  • Discussion of your contact lens routine including wearing schedule, cleaning procedures and any symptoms you may have.
  • Assessment of vision and contact lens prescription.
  • Assessment of the fit of your contact lenses.
  • Examination of the health of the front of your eye with specific reference to any effects the contact lenses may be having.
  • Assessment of the condition of your contact lenses.
  • Specific advice.

For patients who want to make the transition from glasses to contact lenses, your appointment may include:

  • A full sight test as above.
  • Your suitability for contact lenses will be assessed.
  • All contact lens options will be discussed.
  • Suitable lenses selected.
  • The fit of the lenses will then be assessed.
  • Trial lenses may be issued.
  • You will then be given a teaching session to ensure that you know how to insert and remove the lenses and how to clean and store them.
  • A further appointment will be made for you to come back after your trial to assess your progress with the lenses.



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